Sāmoan Ocean


ocean related words in Sāmoan langauge.

Examples of statements with ocean in the Sāmoan language.

Sāmoan English
ʻO  le  moana. The ocean.
ʻO  le  vasa. The open sea (ocean).
ʻO  le  galu. The wave.

List of word that may be used in examples.

Sāmoan English
Galu Wave
Gātai Toward the ocean
Gāʻuta Toward the mountains, inland
Moana Ocean
Sami Sea
Vasa Open sea, ocean
Sāmoan English
ʻAlia Double hull canoe, boat, ship
Le The (used as an article in example)
Motu Island
Paopao Small canoe
Pasefika Pacific
Vaʻa Canoe, boat, ship
Vaʻatele Large boat, ship

List of words used in Sāmoan compass, cardinal direction and intercardinal direction.

Sāmoan English
Mātū Compass 0° N
Mātū Mātū i Sisifo Compass 22.5° NNE
Mātū i Sasaʻe Compass 45° NE
Sasaʻe Mātū i Sasaʻe Compass 67.5° ENE
Sasaʻe Compass 090° E
Sasaʻe Saute i Sasaʻe Compass 112.5° ESE
Saute i Sasaʻe Compass 135° SE
Saute Saute i Sasaʻe Compass 157.5° SSE
Saute (also Toga) Compass 180° S
Saute Saute i Sisifo Compass 202.5° SSW
Saute i Sisifo Compass 225° SW
Sisifo Saute i Sisifo Compass 247.5° WSW
Sisifo Compass 270° W
Sisifo Mātū i Sisifo Compass 292.5° WNW
Mātū i Sisifo Compass 315° NW
Mātū Mātū i Sisifo Compass 337.5° NNW

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