Samoan art painting Poto Tele
Maori art Ta Moko Print
Samoan art Ava network print
Hawaiian art Quilt Ulu Painting
Samoan art Ava network print
Samoan art Ulu Painting
Samoan art Siapo Painting
3D Samoan village Nuu Samoa
Maori art Koru Print
Samoan art Apisa Sketchbook
Samoana 3d Samoan village
2x4 Polynesian art sculpture

Afio Mai! Welcome to Pasefika, Sāmoan art, Polynesian Fine Art and Design.

Pasefika, LLC showcases artwork and interactive design from an island style heritage rooted from Sāmoan and other Polynesian cultures. Here you may choose to view a portfolio of Sāmoan and Polynesian artwork or learn about our interactive design services and retail sales. We are honored by your visit and look forward to sharing with you our artwork, culture and hospitality.

The translation of Pasefika is not only Pacific but that which encompasses all of the Pacific Ocean, its area and the cultures within it.

This includes Polynesia at its heart and surrounded by many others such as Melanesia and Micronesia, Asia, and also the Americas.

Pasefika (english formal: pə-ˈsā-ˈfē-kə english informal: pa-say-fEE-ka) is spelled and pronounced differently from the words Pacifica (english formal: pə-ˈsi-fi-kə english informal: pa-'si-fi-ka) and Pasifika (english formal: pə-ˈsē-ˈfē-kə english informal: pa-'see-fEE-ka;). Pasifika, used by Sāmoans and others in New Zealand is a variation of the Sāmoan word Pasefika.

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