Polynesian and Sāmoan Merch

Pasefika apparel sales continue on our Pasefika Teespring page.

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  • 2020 marked the restart of online apparel sales from Pasefika via the Pasefika Teespring page.
  • 2011 marked the restart of apparel sales via (now deleted Zazzle account).
  • 2006 marked the beginning of online sales of Sāmoan clothing and Polynesian clothing from Pasefika Designs
  • Our first shirt was printed in winter 2000.


All goods (apparel) and services provided by Pasefika, have a strong foundation in Sāmoan and Polynesian art. Please view Jon Apisa's portfolio to get aquainted with some of his work.


Pasefika creates contemporary designs inspired by artwork from Sāmoa, South Pacific, and Polynesia. Your support at our shop has helped the company and website to grow.


Pasefika welcomes your input on product development and for this website. Let us know what type of apparel and/or designs your like to see on your clothing by commenting on our facebook page.


Pasefika has an Apparel Photo Gallery on Facebook. Contact Us for details about how to submit a photo while wearing our Pasefika Apparel.