Sāmoan Negative

A negative statement is used to help communicate what is false or not true.

Examples of negative statements in the Sāmoan language.

Sāmoan English
ʻAua  le  pisa Don't make noise.
E    o  se  puaʻa. It is not a pig.

List of words communicating the negative in Sāmoan language.

Sāmoan English
ʻAua Do not, don't
Not, do not
Leai No
Leai faʻafetai No thank you
Leaga Bad, damaged
Sōia Do not, stop.

Additional list of word that may be used in examples.

Sāmoan English
Faʻafetai Thank you
Pisa Make noise, (be) noisy
Puaʻa Pig
Le used as an (article) in the example

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