Sāmoan Introductions

A dialogue represents a conversation between two or more people. This is some common introductory dialogue when speaking with another person in Sāmoan language.

Common introductory dialogue. Please consider that sometimes there are not direct one to one translations of individual words between English and Sāmoan language.

Sāmoan English
Tālofa Hello, greetings.
Tālofa  lava. Hello, greetings.
ʻO  aʻu  o  Tavita  I am Tavita (David).
ʻO  ai  lou  igoa? What is your name?
ʻO  Elisapeta. It is Elisapeta (Elisabeth).
Aʻo  ai  lou  igoa? And what is your name?
ʻO  loʻu  igoa  o  Ruta. My name is Ruta (Ruth).
ʻO  ai  lou  igoa faʻamolemole? What is your name please?
ʻO  ai  lou  suafa? What is your name (respectfully or matai title)?

More Sāmoan introductory dialogue.

Sāmoan English
ʻO  ā  mai ʻoe? How are you?
Manuia  faʻafetai. Good, thank you.
ʻAe  ā  ʻoe? But what (about) you?
Fā. Bye
Tōfā. Good bye (farewell)
Tōfā  soifua. Good bye, farewell (with good health)

Sāmoan English
Ai Who
Manuia Good, merry, happy
Tālofa Hello, greetings
Faʻamolemole Please
Faʻatālofa Greet each other
Igoa Name
Lava very (also a particle)
ʻOe You
Soifua Live, life, health
Suafa Name (Respectful), matai title

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