Sāmoan Question

The question is an interrogative statement is used to help gather or clarify information.

Examples of interrogative statements in the form of questions in the Sāmoan language.

Items for consideration are that there may be questions are written near identical with only the question mark "?" in place of the period period ".". In such cases while speaking, it will help the speaker to convey a question by their verbal delivery. For exmaple, although they may use the same words, while speaking question are identified by the speaker asking using a tone and manner of an english question.

Sāmoan English
ʻUa  timu? (Is it) currently raining?
ʻIoe,  ʻua  timu. Yes, (it is) currently raining.
ʻUa  moe  le  pepe? (Is) the baby currently sleeping?
ʻIoe,  ʻua  moe  le  pepe. Yes, the baby (is) currently sleeping.

List of word that may be used in examples.

Sāmoan English
ʻIoe Yes
Leai No
Moe Sleep
Pepe Baby
Timu Rain
Le the (used as an article in the example)

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