Sāmoan Conjunction

A conjunction is part of speech or word class that may modify or describe a noun (person, place or thing).

Sāmoan English
ʻUa  ʻou  fiafia  ʻauā  ʻua  maua  laʻu  vaʻa.  I am happy because I got my canoe.

Sāmoan English
ʻAuā Because
ʻAe But
ʻIna ʻua Because
ʻOna ʻo Because
Aʻo leʻi oʻo Before
Ma And
Poʻo Or
ʻA But
ʻAe But
Neʻi Or
Seʻia oʻo Till
ʻAna If (past)
ʻĀfai If (future)
Anafea When (past)
ʻĀfea When

Although this page is focused on the conjunction, this a word list with nouns use in the examples. For more information on nouns, please goto the nouns page.

Sāmoan English
ʻAʻai City center, town center, village center
Fiafia Happy
Laʻu My
Maua Get, got, aquire
Puaʻa Pig
Pusa Box
Taulaga City
ʻUa Verb tense (Present continuous (now))
Vaʻa Canoe, boat, ship

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