Future of Food

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The Future of Food is about an hour and a half documentry on food.  With the human population well above 6.7 billion or 6,700,000,000 and continuing to rise, how we eat and what we eat are just as important as the availibility of food itself.  This is the theme of the video with regard to argiculture, farming, genetics, retail sales of food and how all people on earth are being effected by the ethical and legal regulations.     The video can be seen here at the Hulu website. At the time of European the Pacific Island nations were able to sustain their food supply from natural renewable plants and animals.  This is not to say that there was never famine due to natural disasters or that food was easily available but there were also famine crops and systems built over time to produce and supply food within the islands.   Although many islands are still fertile, as they become more and more populated and developed they the imports of food to the Pacific Islands increase.

Pacific Island farmers also work with pestisides mentioned in the video and plant genetics is finding it's way into the Pacific Island reseach for cross breading of the banna plant and others to increase crop yeilds and develop stronger defenses against crop diaseases.     After viewing the entire video, the subject matter problems and solutions should be relevant to all people.