Antarctic ice bridge has broken

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Antartica is a continent not commnly associated witht he Pacific islands.  Although its costline resides on the Southern Ocean, being a polar continent, it is connected to all Oceans besides the Artic, which is debatable since all of the worlds oceans are connected by nature and divided by man made maps.

Regradless of your perspective it can go unsaid that although mostly unihabited by humans except researchers and fishermen, Antratica is connected with the world and the world with Antartica.

 The reality of global warming and polar ice melting is proven daily with time based comparisons and real time observations such as this article which shows the ice breaking in the Antartic.  Private research and government organizations including the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are monitoring events to collect data and us e that data to predict the effects of climate change for the future.