1966 GTO goes green with natural gas

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Although the electric motor is capible of high torque and performance, the internal combustion engine is iconic with horsepower and torque in people's perception of automobiles.

As much as the auto industry tries to move forward with enviromental awareness and renewable energy sources and fuels, there is a dedication to the internal combustion engine that is seen in many programs like the one's featured on Spike Tv's "Powerblock"  which has no show dedicated to high performance automobiles using alternative energy sources.

 The 1966 Pontiac GTO was one of the first American "Muscle Cars" and although some may never see or want an alternative energy drivetrain, this article from wired.com showcases a 66 GTO with a modified 469 cubic inch that is fueled by natural gas.   Although this may not be the zero emmissions of an electric drivetrain it is a modification that is a progression in the use of automotive fuel technology.