Online Privacy and Information

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Nothing new since newspapers, radio and t.v. the internet is just another media for advertising, except the information tied into relevant ads is becoming more and more precise and most accurate because it's entered by you or someone you know via the internet.  Online forms allow you to enter data, social and free websites allow you to share it, online databases store it, owners of the databases may sell or share data to affiliates, who in turn may sell or use a data mining company that sorts and analyses the data which then is used to provide you with relevant advertisements. 

If this system works properly, by filling an online form for a favorite retailer you would soon get email advertisements and notice that the interactive online advertising on your big name web sites may even have ads from your favorite retailer or their competitor. 

The challenge is that this system is complex with a lot of personal data, and just as there is a ton of money in advertising there’s a lot of money in false advertising and stealing.

 It’s everyone’s responsibility to try to protect themselves and others by:

1.       knowing the personal information you put online may also be public

2.       using reputable, secure sites for online transactions

3.       taking the time to review the Settings of your Free Accounts and social websites to adjust the privacy settings   

 View CNBC Big Brother Big Business video on which is a documentary about personal information online.

Spam email: if you have the time you can always forward a spam email to or goto FTC site to report spam