Video Game History

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Historically the Gaming Industry has been a niche market, a luxury consumer product by price if not prestige.  Credited to have begun in the early 1960s-1970s it picked up a lot of momentum with 1977’s Atari.  This gives the consumer based industry an age of more than three decades in which it has spread to influence and integrate itself with many consumer products used everyday, as well as the everyday lives of people who participate in the gaming industry. Gaming may be defined as an industry because gaming is making a multi-billion dollar impact on the US economy alone with sale including computer gaming, console gaming, and portable gaming hardware and software.   Although a substantial percentage of house holds in developed nations can afford these items many citizens of developing nations cannot afford video gaming product.  Therefore with the cost and fact that video gaming is not a necessity of life or required for survival on this planet console gaming can be categorized as a luxury.  It is estimated that a little over one out of three households in America has a game console.  And that most participating people of the same age of the mainstream gaming industry in or around 30 years old have been doing so for over 10 years.