Survivor Samoa Season Premiere

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Survivor Samoa Season Premiere was an entertaining season opener for the dramatic, team based game show.  Set in Sāmoa, the shots on location are impressive with natrual beauty.  Athough refered to as an Island by Survivor Samoa, there is actually no island by the name of Samoa, it is the name for the island group inhabited by the people of Samoa for a minimum estimate of 4,000 years.  After historical and political division the islands of Samoa are now known as Samoa (the independent nation formerly known as Western Samoa) and American Samoa.  Survivor Samoa is reported to be film on location in the Island of Upolu.  Sāmoa and Galu are mis-pronounced throughout the program, the scenery and filming in Samoa is nothing short of positive for the Samoan people and economy which caters to tourism.

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