Electric lawn mower

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As seen here from the company Neuton, these days even the lawn mower can not escape the green consumer products movement.  These lawn mowers are using electric motors and batteries rather than the typical small internal combustions engines from companies such as briggs and stratton.  If batteries atre recycled, these new electric mowers at marketed to reduce green house gases, have lower mainaintnce costs, have fuel savings and be quieter in operation.  It'll be a matter of time before these go mainstream as Black and Decker now offer electric mowers.  With the use of solar chargers on non mowing days, these mowers could have a very minimal no non existance energy cost.    

These would be a great assest to Pacific Islands provided a proper battery recycling education and infastructure was in place.  It would reduce air and noise pollution and fuel costs and imports. 06-11 01:00:00