Polynesia is now added in the Civilization V game

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As seen in this video,  Polynesia is now added as a civilization in the Civilization V

Civilization V is a popular strategy computer game that allows the player to play as one of many civilizations throughout wold history.  “Polynesia” is now included as a civilization in the Civilization V computer game via a download. This adds to the diversity of the game, recognition of the ancient Polynesian migrations and settlements throughout the Pacific Ocean starting over 6,000 years ago as confirmed by DNA.

The “Polynesia” civilization will be available as a download (DLC) in addition to the game.  As most civilizations are a based upon a single civilization or nation the Polynesia civilization will be based upon multiple Polynesian civilizations, including the Hawai'ians (King Kamehameha is their leader), the Maori (Moari Warriors), and people of Rapa Nui (Moai statues are in the game).  The great skill of navigation is the special ability of the Polynesians in this game.

Although many people who play the civilization games welcome this Polynesia civilization as an addition to the game there are others who question the contributions of Polynesia to world history and still view Polynesia as insignificant to add to a game called “Civilization”.

Polynesian inclusion into video games will gain exposure to audiences who may not previously have known or been interested in Polynesia and a big step in gaining not only recognition but an awareness that may lead to more education about Polynesia throughout world history.