Heavy Rain pushes the boundaries of what defines a game and interactive story

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Heavy Rain is a PS3 (Sony Playstation 3) game developed by Quantic Dream.  Heavy Rain pushes the boundaries of what defines a game for as an interactive story/movie. Heavy Rain is like old books having choices which required you to read different pages based on your choice to continue toward the end.

It is definately more a story than a game for adults it's a psychological story, rated mature as opposed to an all ages game like Little Big Planet which also broke ground for gaming on the PS3.

Many gamers might be turned off by it's slow pace and little actual game play but it's worth trying and could be applied to interactive learning and storytelling on the internet.  

Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain could also by the first of many games based on movies or television series.  Lost which is a popular ABC television series filmed in Hawaai'i based in the "South Pacific" would be a perfect example for this genere of game. The current game lisenced by the TV series, Lost: Via Domus was develped developed by Ubisoft and has mixed reviews like this one from IGN.  If the game was more like Heavy Rain it may keep much of the same audience captivated with what if scenerios and interactive dramatic storytelling.  The Lost TV series includes a huge cast of characters, deep plot and a devoted fan base it would be easy to image the series story full of "what if" translated into a video game like Heavy Rain.

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