Computer Maintenance Software DIY guide

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Computer Maintenance

This guide is a software review and computer maintenance suggestion article for Windows Based PCs, Install and use all Software mentioned at your own risk.  By reading this sentence you are agreement that you have complete responsibility over your own computer, software you install on it, and all results of installing and using software from this guide. 

Computer Maintenance, or tune-up, security, don't always need Technicians, PC mechanics or PC Doctors, most of the software is free and many of the tasks are DIY (do it yourself).  This is a list of software programs in order of usage for a complete maintenance routine that will keep your computer performance as best as possible. 

As with all software, install first, check for updates, then run the program after the latest updates are installed.  If you do not want to check for and install updates, as well as routinely these software programs then don't waste time installing the programs.

1.  Install Operating System updates, (Windows Update)

2.  Uninstall any unused programs

3.  Cleaners
Cleaners will remove your temporary files from your hard drive.  Ccleaner is free and removes temporary files including internet history of most browsers all from one program.  You can adjust settings for secure deletion from one pass to 35 passes.


4.  Anti Virus
Norton is recommended but is an annual subscription, if Norton isn't in your budget, then AVG's free anti virus is a close second.


AVG free

5.  Malware and Spyware Prevention
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware


6.  Defragmenters
When all the updates, hard drive scans, installs, uninstalls are complete the final program to run in a computer maintenance routine is the defragmenter.  Defragment software will organize file on your hard drive that have been scattered from daily use and maintenance.  Windows includes a defragmenter and My Defrag is a free option that is worth using.

My Defrag