Climate Expert warns about climate change in the Pacific

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  • 12/22/2010 | Cars
    As seen here at Popular Science, the Chevy volt will recycle oil boom material to use as a supply source for the body on the Chevy Volt hybrid car (also marketed as an extended range electric vechicle)

  • 10/26/2010 | Cars
    As written here, some in auto racing are looking to green their fuel consumption and emissions by using E85 fuel.

  • 09/20/2010 | Cars
    As written here, Daimler Debuts An Electric Truckv

  • 09/14/2010 | Cars
    As written here, a 102 mpg car

  • 09/13/2010 | Cars
    As written here, 2035 smarter technology and weight reduction increase efficiency gas cars.

  • 09/05/2010 | Cars
    As written here, Ohio State has built a 320 mile per hour Electric Car

  • 03/03/2010 | Cars
    As seen in this article, GM displacement on demend, and other auto makers equivilants, Engine Cylinder Deactivation is almost 30 years old.  The idea behind shuting down engine cylinders to save fuel is nothing new but enhanced with today's internal combustion engines that are more intergrated with their computer systems

  • 11/07/2009 | Cars
    The annual SEMA Show Cars showcase the best aftermarket automobile products and modified automobiles.  Sites such as MSN have dedicated galleries for them.  Although many of the galleries display cars based on internal cumbustion engine performance, as the auto industry trasitions to hybrid and electric vehicles, so will the cars displayed at SEMS such as the modified 2010 Camary hyrid with compress natural gas (CNG) and the eVaro plug in hybrid.

  • 10/16/2009 | Cars
    Although the electric motor is capible of high torque and performance, the internal combustion engine is iconic with horsepower and torque in people's perception of automobiles.

    As much as the auto industry tries to move forward with enviromental awareness and renewable energy sources and fuels, there is a dedication to the internal combustion engine that is seen in many programs like the one's featured on Spike Tv's "Powerblock"  which has no show dedicated to high performance automobiles using alternative energy sources.

     The 1966 Pontiac GTO was one of the first American "Muscle Cars" and although some may never see or want an alternative energy drivetrain, this article from showcases a 66 GTO with a modified 469 cubic inch that is fueled by natural gas.   Although this may not be the zero emmissions of an electric drivetrain it is a modification that is a progression in the use of automotive fuel technology.

  • 09/16/2009 | Cars
    As seen at, Volkswagen has shown a 170 mpg Diesel Hybrid concept.  With oil prices rising, smaller cars and hybrids gaining popularity among urban American markets which will allow cars such as this to gain acceptance among automobile drivers.

  • 09/01/2009 | Cars
    Like the Toyota Prius and Raser Hummer H3 many car makers are struggling to release a hybrid that offers noticable performance over a gas model and doesn't differ from their brand.  BMW's Vision Efficientdynamics Concept is a four door hybrid but it's being designed to surpass the Prius and isn't lacking in the performance department according to their press released specs.  Because it is a plug in Hybrid that is expected to have an electric only range of 30 miles, it will Also be in direct competition with the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf.

  • 08/06/2009 | Cars
    As America's Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS aka. cash for clunkers) is a U.S. federal program makes headlines for its trade in rebates and foundation of purchasing a more fuel effiencient automobile, the automobile industry is o the verge of releasing consumer electric automobiles like the Tesla, Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf.  If sales are strong and increase, there may be less of a demand for consumer fuel (given the electric vehicle ranges) and more demeand for elecricity (which can be produced be alternative energy sources) and batteries (such as lithium ion).  GM is taking this so seriously that although it has should down automotive manufacturing plants and selling off brands, it is positioning itself to not only manufacture electric vehicles but also the batteries as seen here with this article about the GM 25 million dollar battery lab.

    So as many consumers are up in arms about deals for more fuel efficient vehicles today, the automotive industry is shifting itself to offer automobiles without internal combustion engines, longer range electric only vehicles may be the near future of automobiles given rising fuel prices, existing energy infrastructure (home electricity) and the increasing popularity of environmental awareness.

    With shorter commutes on small, a properly suited electric vehicle could also do well in the Pacific.  In cases of Pacific Islands with heavy rainfall and hrash road conditions, electric drive trains mates to light trucks and SUVs like this hybrid hummer H3 may be the solution.   

    Here's more information about EVs (Electri Vechicles) and Hybrids

  • 06/02/2009 | Cars

    As news of the automotive industry, environmental and energy awareness make headlines, so does new opportunity.  A company called Raser, not as well known as major auto manufacturers is prototyping a hybrid Hummer H3 of Raser's own plug in electric drive and internal combustion engine (generator)

     This type of drivetrain in vechicles like the Hummer H3 could be a future option for pacific islands which have lower commuting mileage, fragile environment, and demand for higher ground clearance vechicles.  

    The Raser drivetrain could have been a possible solution to make Hummer more appealing to recent consumers, but even if General Motors sells Hummer, they still have the Chevrolet Volt car which also is a planned plugin electric.

Xnview is a free Digital Photo Management Software program for Microsoft Windows. 

Purpose:  As computers, digital cameras lower in price while hard disk storage space increase, more and more people have massive digital libraries.  Though most photos are uploaded to social websites such as flickr, most people still keep original copies on their local computer.  The demand then increases for simple and quick file organization, management, and a search ability.

Usage:  The foundation for photo management is a good folder structure, with some logical basis (category, date or other) for you files so you don’t have 5,000+ .jpgs in a single folder.  Xnview is not an image editor, so it’s not used to crop and color correct images.  As a Photo manager it’s great with a file browser and thumbnails, you can select single or multiple image files at once.  What you can edit with Xnview is the file metadata (keywords), the program natively supports IPTC metadata but you can have it copy the keywords to XMP (which can be read by other programs).

Keyword Directions: Keywords are good for organization and later search and filtering of images.  When you use Xnview you just have to browse for the image files, select the thumbnail and right click,  click on edit IPTC data… (or use Ctrl + I) then a Edit IPTC Data window pops up, click on the keywords tab.  Add keywords and check the box “update or Create XMP”  , click “write” then “close” and your keywords will be added.

You can search for keywords by clicking thte Serach icon (binoculars) then check ITPC check box.  There’s a drop down list the has All fields or “keywords” type the keyword, click search and then “browse” and it’ll search and filter out the image by keywords. 

Competitor: Many professionals who use Adobe graphics software programs are familiar with Adobe Bride which is a digital graphics management and preview players for most adobe file and most digital photo formats.  Adobe Bridge is a great program except requires the purchase of an Adobe Creative Suite software product.  Even if you are able to afford an Adobe Creative Suite product it’s still licensed based meaning it’s limited to the number of computers you can install it on before you need to purchase a new license key.  Also if you ever share original digital photo files with friends and family they will need their own copy of Adobe Bridge to edit and use of the metadata (keywords) you may have edited in the file. 

Comaprison:  There is a slight learning curve with using keywords and Xnview and Brige have learning curves for their software, though XnView insn’t as easy or polished as Adobe Bridge it still offers a lot of features.

Conclusion: So if you have the money definitely use Adobe Bridge but if you like freeware and potentially want to share digital photo management with friends and family then download and try XnView.

Xnview Website

Xnview at

Other free Digital Photo Information software:


Is also a free small program that will give you a lot of individual file information.  This is good for those who are interested in photography and using manual camera settings, as there is a lot of information on the file such as Aperture, Focal Length, ISO amd exposure that you won’t have to dig into the program menus to view.