Windows 8 and 9 may introduce 128 bit versions

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Reports that Windows 8 and 9 are in development with 128 bit versions

As stated in a previous blog post most consumers with a Windows based PC have a 32 bit version of the Operating System.  Although 64 bit versions of Windows have been available since Windows XP, Windows 7 (scheduled to be available October 22 2009) still ship with 32 bit and 64 versions.

For the small percentage of users running a 64 bit version , immediate advantages are that ability for the OS to use more than 4 gigabytes of Ram and can utilize 64 bit programs.  The disadvantages are that there aren’t that many 64-bit programs.  As consumer PCs are now available with more than 4gb of RAM, the trend for more RAM and Windows 7 64 bit should increase.   Hopefully so should 64 bit applications most notably Adobe Flash and Microsoft’s own Silverlight which are used daily by 32-bit windows web broswers.

A  Windows 8 and 9 with 128 bit versions are much needed if Microsoft wants its flagship product to compete in the 21 century.  The key to success for 64 bit and 128 adoption will be hardware compatibility, price, and of course software.  Even if Adobe Flash is unavailble for 64-bit browsers, there is no reason for Microsoft silverlight as well as every other application Microsoft offers to not have 64-bit, and 128bit versions (at the time that Windows is 128 bit)  available and better performing.