Lotu Tamaiti White Sunday In Samoa

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Lotu Tamaiti translated as children's church (day), church (day) of the children, or children's service, is refered to as " White Sunday " in Samoa. 

This is an annual church event observed by almost all of the churches in Samoa and Samoan communities, which all children (and women) wear white attire.  Along with their church services, special, reading and plays are performed by the children. 

Although religious based, which is strong in modern Samoan culture, the day can also be considered a national children's day, a celebration of the children of Samoa, faith, life, and hope for the future.  All of which can be related many cultures children's day observances regardless of race and religous beliefs. 

White Sunday is much welcomed in Samoa after the tragety of this months earthquake and tsunami which affected all Island of Samoa, others in Tonga and the Pacific. 

Manuia le aso Lotu Tatmaiti!