Electric vechicles today

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As America's Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS aka. cash for clunkers) is a U.S. federal program makes headlines for its trade in rebates and foundation of purchasing a more fuel effiencient automobile, the automobile industry is o the verge of releasing consumer electric automobiles like the Tesla, Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf.  If sales are strong and increase, there may be less of a demand for consumer fuel (given the electric vehicle ranges) and more demeand for elecricity (which can be produced be alternative energy sources) and batteries (such as lithium ion).  GM is taking this so seriously that although it has should down automotive manufacturing plants and selling off brands, it is positioning itself to not only manufacture electric vehicles but also the batteries as seen here with this article about the GM 25 million dollar battery lab.

So as many consumers are up in arms about deals for more fuel efficient vehicles today, the automotive industry is shifting itself to offer automobiles without internal combustion engines, longer range electric only vehicles may be the near future of automobiles given rising fuel prices, existing energy infrastructure (home electricity) and the increasing popularity of environmental awareness.

With shorter commutes on small, a properly suited electric vehicle could also do well in the Pacific.  In cases of Pacific Islands with heavy rainfall and hrash road conditions, electric drive trains mates to light trucks and SUVs like this hybrid hummer H3 may be the solution.   

Here's more information about EVs (Electri Vechicles) and Hybrids