Hybrid and Solar Powered Ships

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This is an interesting article about a hybrid luxury yacht that is driven by solar power as well as diesel engines.  Although a $600,000.00 yacht is high priced, perhaps this will lead to other models by ship builders to bring the cost to a more affordable level.  Without the luxury amenities this type of ship could have applications in pacific islands.  Even with a high price tag it could be purchased as a joint use research vessel more marine and environmental scientists which would reduce the cost of fuel to perform experiments.  This could also be a commercial ship for coastal ocean tours.  It could also have commercial application as a transport ship for islands that are near each other or even just as another option to cross a bay which people would normally have to use road transportation. 
Whatever the application I think this is an example of how environmental awareness, buzzwords, and trends in one industry such as “hybrid” can have positive effects in another.

The Sky Sails is another take on using wind power from what looks like a parachute or kite as a sail.  I’m sure that the skysail could easily for fitted to work the solar hybrid ship or in another configuration creating another type of sail boat.