LHC and Biological experiments about the origins of life

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Often people have varied theories on the creation of the universe or the origin of all that we know exists.  the big big theory is a popular scientific theory about creation and scientists involved with the the LHC experiment hope to answer questions with regards to the big bang.

The LHC experiment is scheduled to begin on Wednesday September 10, 2008.  Large Hadron Collider, will begin to move sub atomic particles in a 17 mile tunnel ring about 100 meters below the earth's surface.  Once the particles have enough energy they will eventually colliding them which is estimated in October 2008.  What does this really mean.  The scientists want to experiment with collisions that could answer questions in regards to the big bang theory.

The machine is arguably the most powerful, non-military experiment in history.  Theories of black holes being created and negative outcomes surface as the experiments draws closer but the scientists have counter theories stating the black holes would evaporate almost immediately if created.

If the CERN scientists can conduct their experiments with minimal or no effect to damaging the earth the experiments will lead to new information and theories on the big bang as well as a larger collider.  One thing is for certain this is will be one of the most groundbreaking and influential experiments.

Post Script:  Scientists have begun testing the LHC.

If the LHC isn't enough of an example of experiments tracing the roots of life and creation read the article titled:

"Biologists on the Verge of Creating New Form of Life"  This article demonstrates scientists are close to creating life from something that is not living.