Okhotsk and Ainu People of Japan

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In modern times many people refer to the Pacific Island nation Japan on a map as the north eastern edge of Asia.  To many, the Japanese are viewed as a unique culture but also with afew similiarities with the people of China and Korea.  It is well known to the people of Japan that the ntion was not only populated from the other Asian nations but also included indiginous people known as the Ainu.  This article writes about the DNA testing to unlock the information about Japans diverse indigenous people and their possible ties with other cultures.  Toward the end it makes a comparison of the spread of Japanese culture and people during 800-1000 AD or 800-1000 CE with the Viking voyages from Europe to North America, which at during the same time in Polynesia was the rise of the Tui Tonga Empire and Polynesian mirgrations thoughought the Pacific.