Nintedo Wii, Xbox 360 and Ps3 Gaming Console Entertainment Systems

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Nintendo release in the US was the Nintendo Entertainment System.Its interestring to note the title entertainment system (as opposed to famicom or family computer in Japan) as a marketing decision.Although gaming is entertainment the NES, and SNES Super Nintindo Entertainment System were still essentially video gaming systems or consoles. The first video game consoles that really made an impacts as entertainment systems were mostly likely Playstation 2 and Microsoft Xbox with their ability to offer movie playback from DVDs. It’s also interesting to know that these were the first two systems to offer online gaming like their PC gaming counter parts. The current generation game systems bridge the gap even more between game system and entertainment system.They offer options for movies, media streaming, online gaming and internet surfing thanks to building on previous system generations Wii It goes without saying that the wii is redefining consumer expectation of the video game entertainment. With it’s acellerameters in it’s controllers, the wii is doing for gaming what the iphone is doing for cell phones, pushing the way we interact and interface with computers. Although the wii does not support high definition video or graphics, the game play from the controllers have allowed it to cimb to the top of video games sales over the superior hardware and entertainment capabilities of both the xbox 360 and ps3. With the wii internet channel, wii users can also surf the internet with the Opera web browser and have media streaming capabilities from that browser with the additional orb streaming software. The only drawback is that both the internet channel (web browser) and the orb software are not included with the wii out of the box and as with any online service that intergrate with personal files, users should read through the terms of agreement and privacy policies carefully Xbox 360. Unlike the Wii the xbox 360 has built in capabilities to stream media from pcs in your home network with windows media player. Other streaming media capabilities include the netflix paid service to stream movies. Xbox can support dvd movie discs but with the lack of HD-DVD support his limited to the netflix internet based streaming service for high definition movie playback. Music can only be played locally by attaching a usb device with compatible music files or ripping the music files from the owners original cds to the xbox 360 hard drive. The xbox live gaming network is very high quality but is a paid subscription based network and the xbox 360 does not have a web browser.It’s also good to note that while the wii and ps3 have wireless internet (wifi) capabilities built in, the xbox 360 wifi antenna must be purchased separately. Playstation 3. Although it has the highest price tag and a smaller library of games, as an entertainment system, the PS3 could lead the pack depending on the trend for retail demand. The PS3 has a Blu-ray player built into it which supports dvd and bluray movie discs. Blu-ray won the home movie disc format war over hd-dvd nd regardless of if the next generation of home video will be solely internet based streaming, the current generation of home video consists of a mix of DVD, internet streaming and blu-ray disc. Not only does the ps3 support all three formats, Sony Pictures and Sony Music are proof that Sony itself has a foundation in the entertainment industry beyond gaming, The PS3 can stream media files from local computers or transfers compatible media files with ease from USB attached storage, without having to re-rip or The last thing that the PS3 has is it’s ability for perform as a computer. For most PS3 owners this means it comes with a web browser, for experienced users it also easily supports laptop 2.5” hard drive upgrades. For computer savvy people it supports a Linux OS installation giving linux based computer capabilities and for scientists and computer engineers multiple PS3s can be networked together to perform super computer calculations. So where the Playstation as fallen short with high cost and a small video game library it makes up as an entertainment system for this generation of consoles.