Earthquake and tsunami at Sāmoa triggers tsunami watch across Pacific

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A 7.9 Earthquake (later reported as 8.3 earthquake) aprox. 120 miles southwest of Samoa at a depth of over 21miles.  The earthquake struck today at aprox 6:48am Samoa time zone   ( 7:48am HST 10:48am PST, 1:48 EST,  17:48 GMT).  The earthquake was felt on the islands of Samoa and triggered:

tsunami warning for Samoa islands, New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji,

tsunami watch across the Pacific including Hawaii, Papua New Guinea and other small Pacific islands.

It has been reported that National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration( NOAA ) does not initially expect the earthquake to produce a tsunami that would hit the west coast of North American or Alaska.

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It is also reported that a 10 foot tsunami hit the islands of Samoa including Pago Pago and Leone on Tutuila, and Aleipata on Upolu, and many other Pacific Islands including Niuatoputapu of Tonga felt the effects of both the earthquake and the tsunami.

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