Wireless Electric Energy

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Most people who use electrical energy do so by using a wired connection between the souce (electrical powerplant then outlet) to their electrical devices.  Even mobile devices use a wire or physical connection from the energy souce (battery) to the device. 

Wireless electricity is not a new idea.   Infact, wireless electrical energy has been reported to have been used in 1859 by the telegraph office and is often associated with Nikola Tesla's wireless electricity research.  Lately as science fiction becomes science fact, the idea of wireless electicity is becomeing a reality.

The wireless Power Consortium is made up of large electronics manufacturers that are already creating a standard called Qi for wireless power.  Japan is also taking wireless energy seriously as written in this article in their research to develop a solar powered satellite that would power 300,00o house on earth.  It will be a challenge for agencies such as the FCC to assure compliance with wireless communications as well as the EPA monitor the effects of wireless electricity on the environnment as well as humans.