Samoa Tsunami Recovery

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The recovery in Samoa from the earthquake and later tsunami begun immediately aft class="linkgold12" er the tsunami receded September 29, 2009.  Along with reports from American Samoa's main island of Tutuila "President Obama Declares a Major Disaster Exists in American Samoa" in a video clip from ABC news on YouTube  as well as White House statement was released by the U.S. white house which was followed up by the US Red Cross

Along with Red Cross response, United Nations, New Zealand Red Cross and internatinonal community has already begun to support recovery in Samoa (independent nation) with devastation reported on it's Main Island of Upolu.  Australian aid has also begun as shown by this video.    

Although reports focus on Pago Pago, Fagatogo and Leone on Tutuila and Aleipata on Upolu, all the Islands of Samoa (up to 60 villages reported) along with Niuatoputapu in Tonga were affected by the earthquake and Tsunami. 

Social networking sites such as facebook have allowed for communication between people living in Samoa to communicate with other across the globe when phone lines were busy yesterday and today. 

The Red Cross is also urging residents of Samoa to register in their safe and well website, which others with internet access may locate family members and friends.

Eye witness Account of Samoa Tsunami

ABC News video of Samoa Tsunami

FM104 KNWJ from American Samoa a radio broadcast over the internet on the internet throughout the day.