9 ideas to benefit the Pacific Islands in 2009

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Although there are over 2009 ideas here are nine that may help Pacific Islanders

1. Human Element: Increased co-operation and positive human interaction at all levels of community, local, Pacific and global.Without positive human relations a list of goals for the community and environment will be almost unattainable.

2. Sustainability: As the world continues to develop technologically so does the increase and demand for imported good and products to the Pacific.Sustainability should be a household word and goal throughout the Pacific.The ability to decrease imports will decrease dependability on those imports for survival while still maintaining their value as trade goods.

3. Education: Increased funding to Educational programs throughout the pacific that span a Pacific Islanders lifetime, formal education, higher education, community outreach programs as well as Pacific Islands educating others about their own cultures and languages.

4. Fiber Optic Cable: Just as American Samoa has planned to bring fiber optic cable to Tutuila, this should be a priority to bring this to as many Pacific Islands as possible to increase the communications infrastructure.

5. Alternative Energy: Solar, Tidal, as well as research into bio fuel and energy from plant mass, sugars from fruits, and algae should be high in the priority list of researching and developing alternatives and additives to the common gasoline for transportation and diesel for transportation and electricity in the pacific region.

6. Efficiency: Historically Pacific Islanders where very efficient with using their natural resources.Prioritizing efficiency at levels with resources (food, fuel, building materials, transportation, energy) most of which are imported to the Pacific will be a continued challenge for this and coming years.

7. Environmental Awareness: Environmental awareness needs to increase in the Pacific with more public education, emissions restrictions, and increased environmental impact data and analysis.Goals in environmental regulation and pollution should help Pacific Island communities to continue providing a healthy environment for Pacific Islanders.

8. Climate Change Planning: Climate change is occurring, scientific data along with theories are gaining acceptance as a global problem.If one theory about rising sea levels prevails much planning will be needed to assist the majority of the Pacific Island population which lives and works it their shorelines.

9. Developing Renewable Industries: Fishing and canning is a major industry , yet fish farming both on and off shore could be a renewable industry.