Privacy on Facebook and other Social websites

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Here is are interesting videos with a perspective on Privacy of Facebook user content.Facebook Privacy Video 1Facebook Privacy Video 2 Social websites such as Myspace, Bebo and Face book have an international user base including many Pacific Islanders who share, socialize and keep in touch with others through personal pages, uploaded images as well as text messages and content.It should go without saying that all users must be cautious of the content (text and pictures included) they place on any website.This video brings up the issue of content usage and ownership by these websites. At the user level you may applaud that an uploaded images is displayed on the website to share and a thumbnail of that image may be seen on your "friends" but with this comes ownership.personal pictures, and their rights are a big issue in matters of privacy. For example if an adult user want to share a picture of their child's first birthday.once that adult uploads this picture there the rights, usage and ownership of that image may be surrendered to the social website depending on the account privacy settings and more importantly, the web site's privacy policy.