End of Hawaiʻi Super Ferry

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As seen in this article about the Hawai'i Super Ferry, change can sometimes slow and challenging when dealing with a group of people, society, or city.  The Hawai'i Super Ferry offered an alternative solution for interisland travel for the general public in Hawai'i which is dominated by commercial interisland flights.  Perhaps the idea of travelling by ship, a revolution to the time when interisland travel occured with the ships of the Hawai'ians and Polynesians, was seen as a step back.  Perhaps the environmental impact of the Super Ferry was never appealing to local residents, or the marketing, time, and cost of the trips were just not feasible during a slowing economy.  Whatever the reason, the Hawai'i Super Ferry should not be overlooked as a future transportation solution in the Pacific or a lesson learned in trying to seek alternative transportation options throughout the Pacific Isles.

For Example, I'm surprised similar options were never looked at to help alleviate traffic on Oahu from Ewa to Honolulu.