Human Gnome Project and beyond

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The internet is often creditied as one of the greatest achivements of this generation but that statement idn't entirely true.  The internet iself is the framework or system that allows networked computers to trafer information has been around for decades, internet access and use by the massive of people is has occured with this generation. 

One project that has made great accomplishments in this generation is the Human gnome project.  Though it is not as widely publicies as the internet it too will effect the entire human race depending on the gathering, sharing, use and application of the gnome.  The U.S. government among other countries has a dedicated genome research institute and genome engineering is accelerating not only in how the gnome data is read but how gnome data can be written. Companies such as IBM are using knowledge of DNA to improve micro processor technology.

Genome and Genetic Engineering has been experimented on plants, but now is making it's way into the animal kingdom with cloning as well ass other scientific break thoughs.  With the world population expected to reach 7000000000 (7 billion)  the Human genome project and gnome research will influence, health care, reproduction, food and possibly every living thing that humans can effect.