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The most useful free software will be upgrading your web browser to the most recent version.  Pasefika.com like many other sites will run best with the latest versions of web browsers, plugins (such as Flash), and add-ons. 

Remember, beta means test version and current version often has no special name added just numbers which indicate the version of the software.  All web browsers have strengths and weaknesses and now there are a few to choose from besides Internet Explorer. 

Firefox is a popular browser due to its stability and browser add-ons which share its roots from Netscape.  The worst thing I seen from Firefox was how the browser rendered text on the webpage.  I have not even noticed this in there’s latest version but if it does occur, a display setting in windows can fix this. 

Safari the default browser on Mac and is now available for both Mac and PC.  Although not as popular with PC users it interesting to note that it's based on the open source project Webkit.  Webkit is also the basis for googles new browser Google Chrome 

Opera is not as popular as the others but I found it to have a mobile version which you can download on phones such as Blackberry.  Also noted is the opera speed dial which shows 9 thumbnails of pages you choose when you open the browser.  Firefox later came out with add-ons that have the same functionality.  Opera does one of the best jobs rendering html pages cross platform  (Mac or PC) For example I mean the viewer can visit a number of sites and have good compatibility. 

Google Chrome has a lot going for it it’s still in beta meaning it’s a test version.  It’s layout is clean and simple, google fans should take to it immediately but with brand recognition that Goolge has, it should gain popularity quickly.   After a few use it will have an opera like thumbnail view of most recently viewed pages and book marks list though they can’t be edited.  This makes the front page as “relevant” as everything else google.  I have been starting to use it for google based sites, I know there are already security warnings about others but this is expected from a beta version. 

Internet Explorer 8 is in beta 2 meaning it’s a test version.  It is however a step in the right direction especially since they are now starting to utilize web standards.  Web browsers along with the sites that you visit store information about you and your computer.  Newer versions of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome have privacy settings that delete your internet cache quicker if you have an older browser you can also delete these manually from the options menus.  Time will tell whether it’s too little too late or if people will keep using the most popular browser.