Free Disk Defragment Tools

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In a computer hard drive, files may be come fragmented or scattered across the disk itself.  Disk Defragmenters help to re-organize the files on the hard drive for more efficient access and help performance.

Microsoft Windows includes a Disk Defragmentation Tool.  Although this tool is included with Windows the most common complaint is that the speed of the tool is too slow and the benefit of defragmentation doesn't out weigh the time is take to defrag the computer.

Because of this many commercial based Defragmentation tools are available for use.  Although there are numerous defragmenters, here is a list of three that are free to download and use.


Mydefrag is tool that compromises performance stability and time for good results in defragmentation.  The user interface is lacking, instead it installed a list of scripts (which look like a list of programs from the start menu).  Using the fast optimize script is as simple as clicking on the icon in the start menu (like all start menu icons can be added to desktop or quick launch).  It is recommended to quit all other applications when defragmenting but like other defragmentation software based on the Windows API it's possible to run while you work (Windows Vista also has scheduled automatic defragmentation while you work)     


Defraggler was developed from Piriform the same company who developed ccleaner (a free cleaning tool) and is marketed to defragment not only hard drives but also individual files.  The 32 bit software works well on Windows though it has a had time to achieve 0% fragmentation on 64 bit Windows until it released a native 64 bit version.

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Auslogics is a good 32 bit defragmenter for Windows but the free version sells its paid version of software by displaying results of "junk files" still on hard drive when the defragmentation is finished.

It should be noted that proper computer maintenance includes an installed antivirus, anti spyware/malware software programs that are updated and used for scanning, deleting or cleaning of unnecessary files including those in the recycle bin and temporary internet files prior to disk defragmentation.