Desalination as a option for water supply

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The world's water supply is not able to sustain the growth of the human poplulation and is expected that within this century a large percentage of the earth's population will not have access to clean drinking water.  Saudi Arabia among other nations are leading the world with desalination technology and even Australia, the United States, coast states such as California have been looking into this as an option for water supplyInternational Desalination Association is an internation organization is commited to this technology and water reuse.  It has been proven and said that the world has been able to survive without some commonly used natural resources such as oil, coal, or gold, but people can not survive without water. 

In the Pacific Islands water supply may seem like someonelse's worry due to the abaundance of clouds, tropical vegitation and ocean but demand for water supply is increasing with population density.  even on a small scale now would be a great time for pacific islands to look into such technologies.