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Introduction: What is a website?

A website consists of computer files stored on computers called web severs. These files are the individual web pages with their content (images and text) that are seen by viewers who have internet access

Preparation: **What accounts are needed to for you to have a working website

1. Domain name
2. Web Host
3. ISP (Internet Service Provider)
4. Email software

Domain name - This is a name such as www.yourname.com that must be registered with a company such as www.registar.com for an average of 30.00 per year.

Once working, it points users on the internet who type:
www.yourname.com in their internet browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) to your website files which are stored on the web servers of companies such as www.verio.com who are web hosts.

Web Host - These companies such as www.verio.com store the actual website (computer files) on their computers called web severs for an average starting price of 25.00 per month or about 300.00 per year.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) – Having an account with an ISP allows you and others to have access to the internet. Depending on the type of account your you have the ISP account may be used with a telephone modem, DSL, or cable modem. Popular ISPs are America Online (AOL) Microsoft Network (MSN) Local companies, telecommunication and also cable companies also offer ISP services.

Email software – This is software such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and other programs that are dedicated to e-mail. The only other way to check email is through the web browser itself (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)

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** Pasefika Designs is not affiliated with any domain name registrars or web hosts. The companies listed are examples of the choices available for these servies.