Design Process


Pasefika Designs uses a design and development process that has a structured foundation yet is unique in action to create solutions for visual communication. This process is the base throughout the duration of a project to ensure that the project is completed on time, on budget, meets the needs of the client and exceeds their expectations.

Step 1: The Client The Client is the first and most important element of the process. Initial communication defines the needs of the client. It is then essential to define goals and objectives for the project. A timeline and budget along with what content and input from the client is needed are brought to attention.

Step 2: Planning
After meeting with the Client, Pasefika Designs is able to develop a strategic plan for the project. This plan helps to better define the goals, time to complete, and costs of the project for improved efficiency.

Step 3: Creative Development
This is the core of Pasefika Designs projects. Although labeled as “Step 3” the creative process actually begins with the first meetings. With the common goal for all projects being visual communication, creative development process is the stage to propose different visual solutions, receive client feedback and approval. Strong communication at this step from the client will assures that the project meets their needs and will be completed on time.

Step 4: Build
The build is a time when the approved concept becomes reality. All elements of the projects are gathered and the approved design serves as the guideline for the work.

Step 5: Test and Complete
Once the work is built, Pasefika Designs tests it as a project for functionality and accuracy. The client is then given all completed files as backups. If any files need to be transferred to another location this is done immediately to allow the client to have a finished product as soon as possible.