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Compass 011.25° NbE Haka Koʻolau Haka Whakararo Haka Tokerau NbE 11.25°
Compass 033.75° NbNE Nālani Koʻolau Ngā Rangi Tokerau NbNE 33.75°
Compass 056.25° NEbE Noio Koʻolau Hitiʻa o te rā Ngoi Tokerau NEbE 56.25°
Compass 076.75° EbN Lā Koʻolau Rā Tokerau EbN 76.75°
Compass 101.25° EbS Lā Malanai Rā Marangai EbS 101.25°
Compass 123.75° SEbE Noio Malanai Ngoi Marangai SEbE 123.75°
Compass 146.25° SEbS Nālani Malanai Maraʻaiʻaru Ngā Rangi Marangai SEbS 146.25°
Compass 168.75° SbE Haka Malanai ʻApatoʻa Haka Marangai SbE 168.75°
Compass 191.25° SbW Haka Kona Haka Whakarunga SbW 191.25°
Compass 213.75° SWbS Nālani Kona Ngā Rangi Whakarunga SWbS 213.75°
Compass 236.25° SWbW Noio Kona ʻApatoʻa Ngoi Whakarunga SWbW 236.25°
Compass 258.75° WbS Lā Kona Rā Whakarunga WbS 258.75°
Compass 281.25° WbN Lā Hoʻolua Rā Whakararo WbN 281.25°
Compass 303.75° NWbW Noio Hoʻolua Toʻoʻa Ngoi Whakararo NWbW 303.75°
Compass 326.25° NWbN Nālani Hoʻolua Ngā Rangi Whakararo NWbN 326.25°
Compass 348.75° NbW Haka Hoʻolua Haka Whakararo NbW 348.75°
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Welcome to the Pasefika Polynesian Dictionary. This dictionary is meant to be a comparative dictionary to quickly view similarities, differences and cognate relationships between words across Polynesian languages. The dictionary includes a format that will display english to polynesian translation into words from Sāmoan, Hawaiʻian, Tongan, Māori, and Tahitian languages.

Most knowledge in Polynesia was communicated and passed on through language, legends, and songs.

The Sāmoan alphabet constists of these letters

Sāmoan written Alphabet: A E F G I L M N O P S T U V (K H R are additonal)

Vowels in Sāmoan language

  • A (ʻA A ʻĀ Ā) - pronounced (ˈä) AAh, like "AAh"
  • E (ʻE E ʻĒ Ē) - pronounced (ˈe) Eh, like net
  • I (ʻI I ʻĪ Ī) - pronounced (ē) EE, like see
  • O (ʻO O ʻŌ Ō) - pronounced (ō) oh, like "Oh"
  • U (ʻU U ʻŪ Ū) - pronounced (u̇(ə)) oo, like oops
  • A glottal stop and/or macron indicate short, normal, long sound and/or a brief pause in the sound of each vowel).

A glottal stop and/or macron indicate short, normal, long sound and/or a brief pause in the sound of each vowel).

Consonants in Sāmoan language

Comparison of consonant letters of Sāmoan language to languages of other Polynesian cultures

  • Sāmoa s or f = Aotearoa (Māori) h = Hawaiʻi h = Marquesas h = Tahiti h = Tonga h
  • Sāmoa g = Aotearoa (Māori) ng = Hawaiʻi n = Marquesas k = Tahiti = Tonga g
  • Sāmoa l = Aotearoa (Māori) r = Hawaiʻi l = Marquesas = Tahiti r = Tonga l
  • Sāmoa t = Aotearoa (Māori) t = Hawaiʻi k = Marquesas = Tahiti t = Tonga t
  • Sāmoa v = Aotearoa (Māori) w = Hawaiʻi w = Marquesas v = Tahiti v = Tonga v
  • Sāmoa f = Aotearoa (Māori) wh = Hawaiʻi h = Marquesas f or h = Tahiti h or f = Tonga f

The letter K in Sāmoan language

The letter K is a consonant than notes the use of the "K" style of Samoan language and/or used for words introduced with translation from other languages.

Additional Consonants in Sāmoan language

Additional consonants (introduced with translation)

Some English letters informally are translated to Sāmoan Language with the use of additional consonants and rarely with vowels.

  • English b = Sāmoan p
  • English c = Sāmoan t/k or s
  • English d = Sāmoan t/k or s
  • English d = Sāmoan t/k
  • English g = Sāmoan t/k or s
  • English j = Sāmoan s or i

In studies of linguistics, Sāmoan language has been catagoriezed within the Austronesian family of languages.

Linguistic classification

  • Austronesian
  • Malayo-Polynesian
  • Oceanic
  • Central Pacific
  • Polynesian
  • Samoic
  • Sāmoan