Meaning of Tatau 2

Defining the word Tatau from root words:

Many ask about the literal meaning of the word Tatau. The most common answer is that the word Tatau stems from the word "Ta" which is the striking action of the au, the tool of the Tufuga Ta Tatau but this is only the start as it does not take into consideration the "u" or "tau' of the word "tatau".

The word "Ta" defined as the "striking action" can be considered the root (TA-TA) in Tatau or as it is used in Tufuga ta tatau.

The word "Tau" has many meanings, used in context of tatau is has been well defined by Albert Wendt. Albert Wendt is a well known Sāmoan author and University professor. Among his translations of the word "Tau" as used in Tatau he has documented three: to reach the end, to anchor/moor a boat or canoe, to fight.

I have found that the first two (to reach the end, to anchor/moor a boat or canoe ) could easily be considered the translation of the word "tau" in Tatau

One reason is that the Tatau Sāmoa begins with the ulutao. The spear of the vaʻa or canoe and once the Tatau started, nothing is more import and then completing the Tatau.

Defining the word Tatau as a complete word:

Using his meanings for the words "Ta" and "Tau" In his paper - Tatauing the post colonial body , Albert Wendt has noted interesting meanings for the word Tatau. I have found the most appropriate to be:

Tatau- Striking till we reach a satisfactory conclusion or completion (of the Tatau)

Other Related words to Tatau:

In Sāmoa and Sāmoan Language there are other related words to Tatau

Tatau Sāmoa - is used with the same meaning as Tatau it just specifies the Sāmoan origin of the word and artform.

Peʻa - This is the flying fox found in Sāmoa. Peʻa is also the name given to the traditional Tatau of the Sāmoan Man. In casual conversation the word "Peʻa" is used to generally describe a tatau both traditional and contemporary much as "tattoo" is used in English.

Malu - This is the traditional Tatau of the Sāmoan Woman. The Malu is also the name of the primary Tatau pattern of the Malu. Wendt defines Malu: to be shaded, to be protected, coolness, soft, to soften. With regards to the Tatau found on Sāmoan females the definition of Malu : to be protected : is accurate.

sogaʻimiti - This word is given to describe the Sāmoan Man of has recently completed his Tatau. The literal meaning of the word "sogaʻimiti" is not the artwork, Tatau, Tatau Sāmoa, or the Peʻa although in casual conversation it is used as such. For example the proper usage of the word sogaʻimiti can be seen in the Tatau Sāmoa Song: "O le sogaʻimiti ua savalivali mai" which is translated : The (sogaʻimiti - young man with the Tatau) walking towards you.