Pasefika Timeline


November 1999

Pasefika Designs name and logo created after visiting Apia, Samoa.
In November 8-12, 1999 Jon Apisa had the honor of attending the the Le Tatau Tattoo International Convention hosted by Sua Suluape Paulo and Sua Suluape Petelo at the Tooa Salamasina Hall in Apia on the island of Upolu, Samoa.
The convention was great. Local residents and international artists gathered to learn about Tatau Samoa, the Samoan Pea, the Samoan Malu, and to see the Tufuga Ta Tatau of Samoa.
Having visited family on the island of Tutuila once before, the trip to Upolu was the second trip to Samoa for Jon.
In Samoa to learn about the heritage of our art and culture, the idea of Pasefika Designs had begun there inspired by the Tufuga Ta Tatau and Samoa.

March 2001

Website launched which has now grown to be was formally launched on the internet. The goal of the initial website launch was to share Pasefika Designs, Fine Art and Graphic design with a Samoan and Polynesian foundation, with everyone.
This was executed by displaying a personal portfolio of artwork which had the foundation of Samoan and Polynesian artwork and starting an information resource on Samoan culture.
The initial launch was a success. The website received immediate positive feedback and has been growing ever since. Pasefika Designs, aka Pasefika has grown from a strong cultural heritage, modern concept and execution, to a business entity. Not only a Samoan brand, but also a Polynesian and Pacific brand, Pasefika.

August 2003

Pasefika Designs Contracted for various projects in American Samoa.

January 2006

Pasefika Designs Online Store is launched at