Peʻa (Flying Fox Fruit Bat) freehand drawing by Jon Apisa

Peʻa (Flying Fox Fruit Bat) color pencil freehand drawing

Peʻa (Flying Fox Fruit Bat) freehand drawing colored pencil painting by Jon Apisa 10/31/2023

Jon Apisa. Peʻa (Flying Fox Fruit Bat) freehand drawing. 2023. colored pencil on paper, 8.8" x 5.5" (22.4cm x 14cm).

Peʻa (Flying Fox Fruit Bat) drawing freehand with colored pencils

This Flying Fox / Fruit Bat is Pteropus samoensis

Words for Flying Fox Fruit Bat or Bat in Polynesia:

Peʻa, peʻapeʻa - Sāmoa | ʻŌpeʻapeʻa, Peʻa, peʻapeʻa - Hawaiʻi | Peka - Tonga

Peʻa (Flying Fox Fruit Bat) freehand drawing on YouTube  Watch our video sharing this drawing in a step-by-step journey revealing the creation of the art.

Pasefika on YouTube  Visit the Pasefika YouTube channel to watch the dynamic process of this drawing unfold.


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