ʻUlu RGB by Jon Apisa

ʻUlu RGB

The subject of ʻUlu in this painting represents the ʻulu tree (Artocarpus altilis) also known as breadfruit.

The composition of squares and RGB were chosen to communicate how a traditional food source and common tree many be experience by those who are away from the environments (including Pacific Islands) which it grows.

The ʻulu and pixelated composition were also chosen to convey how cultural, natural, and/or traditional assets may be experienced or viewed by Pacific Islanders who have migrated away from the islands.

Each square in the painting is 1 square inch covering the canvas of 52 inches wide x 42 inches high.

Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) is known as:

  • ʻUlu in Sāmoa
  • ʻUlu in Hawaiʻi
  • ʻUru in Tahiti
  • Kuru in Maori language (Aotearoa)
  • Mei in Tonga

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54" x 42" (137.2 cm x 106.7 cm)


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