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Welcome to the Pasefika Polynesian Dictionary. This dictionary is meant to be a comparative dictionary to quickly view similarities, differences and cognate relationships between words across Polynesian languages.   Here you will find words from Samoan, Hawaiian, Tongan, Maori, Tahitian, and Niue language in an online dictionary translated to English.

Most knowledge in Polynesia was communicated and passed on through language, legends, and songs.

The Samoan alphabet constists of these letters
Official Samoan written Alphabet: A E F G I L M N O P S T U V

A E I O U vowels

H K R foriegn letters (introduced with translation)
Some English Letters Informally be Translated to Samoan Language

English b = Samoan p
English c = Samoan t/k or s
English d = Samoan t/k or s
English d = Samoan t/k
English g = Samoan t/k or s
English j = Samoan s

Camparison of letters of Samoan language to languages of other Polynesian cultures

Samoa s or f = Aotearoa (Maori) h = Hawai'i h = Marquesas h = Tahiti h = Tonga h

Samoa g = Aotearoa (Maori) ng = Hawai'i n = Marquesas k = Tahiti = Tonga g

Samoa l = Aotearoa (Maori) r = Hawai'i l = Marquesas = Tahiti r = Tonga l

Samoa t = Aotearoa (Maori) t = Hawai'i k = Marquesas = Tahiti t = Tonga t

Samoa v = Aotearoa (Maori) w = Hawai'i w = Marquesas v = Tahiti v = Tonga v

Samoa f = Aotearoa (Maori) wh = Hawai'i h = Marquesas f or h = Tahiti h or f = Tonga f