Samoan Language


Because Polynesian cultures did not have written language didn't mean there was a lack of education or communication, most knowledge was communicated and passed on through language, legends, and songs.

The Samoan alphabet constists of these letters
Official Samoan written Alphabet: A E F G I L M N O P S T U V

A E I O U vowels

H K R foriegn letters (introduced with translation)
Some English Letters Informally be Translated to Samoan Language

English b = Samoan p
English c = Samoan t/k or s
English d = Samoan t/k or s
English d = Samoan t/k
English g = Samoan t/k or s
English j = Samoan s

Camparison of letters of Samoan language to languages of other Polynesian cultures

Samoa s or f = Aotearoa (Maori) h = Hawai'i h = Marquesas h = Tahiti h = Tonga h

Samoa g = Aotearoa (Maori) ng = Hawai'i n = Marquesas k = Tahiti = Tonga g

Samoa l = Aotearoa (Maori) r = Hawai'i l = Marquesas = Tahiti r = Tonga l

Samoa t = Aotearoa (Maori) t = Hawai'i k = Marquesas = Tahiti t = Tonga t

Samoa v = Aotearoa (Maori) w = Hawai'i w = Marquesas v = Tahiti v = Tonga v

Samoa f = Aotearoa (Maori) wh = Hawai'i h = Marquesas f or h = Tahiti h or f = Tonga f

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