watermill water supply

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There is much concern about the supply and sources energy. Energy conservation, efficiency and self sustainability are goals that are proposed but goals which are required among humans. One resource as high if not a higher priority for the human race is water. Many people in developed countries take their water supply for granted. Most of the islands throughout the pacific have a good annual rainfall rate with humidity.  Most people in the world know their water supply is a challenge of daily life. The Watermill is a powered device that uses electricity and moisture in the air to provide up to 12 liters per day of clean drinking water> . The device is not cheap compared to water purifier that attaches to the end of the sink but that's because it's capable of providing the water source itself as well as the purification. The watermill device along with a electricity source such as solar panels could provide a sustainable source of drinking water that won't be dependent on the supply and quality of the community water source. With a solar panel or other electric source, would be another solution for natural disasters like having clean water after a hurricane or in growing communities across the pacific that are increasing their water usage. It should go unsaid that having a a water source is essential for human survival as well as agriculture and livestock. Hopefully many more products like this watermill above ground well at the consumer level or desalination at the community level level will be able to provide options for water supply.