Flag Day Amerika Samoa

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As noted here on April 17th 1900 the U.S. was the date the U.S. formally raised the first American flag over the politically divided islands east of 171 degrees west longitude known as "Eastern Samoa".  With the U.S. naval intrests in Pago Pago Harbor Samoan Ali'i (High Chiefs) signatures on the Deeds of cession, the result was U.S. government rule over the U.S. territory, American Samoa administered by the U.S. Navy by Governor Benjamin Franklin Tilley.  The years following have been an example of maintaining the traditional culture, language, land, and Matai (chief) system, intergrated with terriorial rule.  American Samoa's Flag day is filled with celebrations from local villages as well as villages from Samoa (Independent State of Samoa, formally Western Samoa), and include guest from all over the Pacific.  American Samoa Flag Day festivals are also celebrated in American cities with Samoan communities.    

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