Plastics Chemicals In Ocean

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As written in this article, there is a debate on how fast plastics decompose and how harmful plastic chemicals are in the ocean.  The popular thought it that plastics are forever, although not true, some have been expected to last hundreds of years.  Scientists referenced in this article have mixed opinions due to the extreme climate and pressure of the ocean, but regardless of the estimates on decomposition time there are few facts that remain.  As on dry land, plastic rubbish in the ocean is a huge problem and not all of the plastic containers can be 100% guaranteed that they were empty at the time of discard. 
Chemicals found in plastics have already been detected in the ocean.
Regardless of how long it takes, plastics can and will eventually decompose, whether in the ocean or on land.    Almost all Plastics are chemically based, non environmentally friendly, and when decomposed can release harm full chemicals that in the ocean could damage the ocean ecosystem as well as indirectly damage human food supply just as pollution in a fresh water pond. 

It will be up to everyone to promote plastic recycling, ocean research, and use of eco friendly plastic products.