Pitcairn revision in alcohol laws a clue to alternative energy.

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As written in this article the government of Pitcairn has made revisions in alcohol consumption laws.  The article notes the prohibition of alcohol may have been due to the strong safety concerns for the small community following the consumption of alcoholic beverage made from the ti (Liliacea) plant.  As with the Vailima Beer of Samoa and Hinano beer of Tahiti, perhaps the alcoholic beverage made from the ti (Liliacea) plant could be made into a product of export for Pitcairn and other Pacific Islands or also a renewable source of alcohol to be used for an alternative fuel source.  Of course studies would need to be made if the plants could yield enough alcohol sutible for an alerternative fuel like ethnol camparied with  other plant's like coconut, banna, breadfruit, sugarcane, and mango, all of which can be grown in the Pacific Island climate.