Hawai'i Samoa Havai'i Savai'i Introdution


Introduction: Some of the First Europeans Nicknamed The Islands of Samoa the Navigator Islands for their expertise in inter-island sailing. When Europeans first sailed the Pacific Ocean and charted it's many islands they were already inhibited with Polynesians who had discovered and sailed between the islands for thousands of years previous.

Among the Polynesian migrations, inhabiting Hawaii was a great achievement, approximately 2,500 miles in isolation from other land every sucessful voyage to Hawai'i was a great achievement. By the Polynesians.

Although in Hawai'i it is commonly recognized that people from the Marquesas and Tahiti were the first Hawaiians, the people of Tonga and Samoa should not be overlooked from these early migrations.

Similarities in names and language do not prove migration patterns but are a clue to the ancient ties between the people of Samoa, Hawai'i and orgins of legends from the Manu'a Islands of Samoa.

However, this was not the first migration of Samoans to Hawai'i. It is the prevailing theory that Polynesia was settled from west to east. Fiji, Toga and Samoa among the first to be settled then Eastern Polynesia with Tahiti and Marquesas being the stepping stones to Hawai'i and Aotearoa.

Because of this Hawai'i is linked with Tahiti. But just as early Polynesia was settled by different people (dark skinned ancestors w/ frizzy hair and lighter skinned ancestors w/ straight hair), it is easy to believe that Hawai'i was also settled by different cultures at different times. I don't think Polynesia was settled by only Tahitians or Eastern Polynesian due to all the interaction between different cultures and migrations at different times.

Research shows Hawai'i and Hawaiian people do have ties to eastern Poynesia and Aotearoa but there are also some clues that lead me to my theory that migrations could have also also occurred from western Polynesia and Samoa. Most of my theories are based on culture, language, and names and by this one can make a number of possibilities and linking all of the Polynesian cultures due to the fact that they are very closely related due to common ancestors, migration, trades networks, and war.